Providing high-quality, empathetic, personalized healthcare to as many patients as possible.

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To reduce barriers to care and provide an exceptional patient experience.



Our basic and fundamental beliefs that define what is important to us and that guide our attitudes and actions. They describe the qualities we desire to embody to guide our actions and embody and articulate the motives behind our purposeful actions.



To provide high-quality, empathetic, personalized healthcare to as many patients as possible.

Our Services

Mental Health Medication Management

Our team of highly-qualified and experienced psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP-BCs) work with you to evaluate, diagnose, and treat behavioral health issues.

Psychiatric & Psychological Assessments

Our diverse team of providers conducts structured psychiatric, psychological, and neuropsychological tests and clinical interviews designed to identify and diagnose emotional, behavioral, learning, and other mental health challenges.


Sometimes there are obstacles to being physically present in a clinic location. We recognize this and strive to ensure that help is still available. Our providers leverage a variety of technology platforms to ensure you have secure access to the care you need when and where you need it.

Neuro Feedback Therapy

Neurofeedback is a therapeutic intervention that provides immediate feedback from a computer-based program that assesses a client’s brainwave activity. The program then uses sound or visual signals to reorganize or retrain these brain signals.

Primary Care & Internal Medicine

Primary care is the day-to-day healthcare given by a health care provider. This provider usually acts as the first contact and principal point of continuing care for patients and also can coordinate other specialist care that a patient may need. Internal medicine specializes in the care of adults.


Company News

Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

Golden Victory Medical is proud to recognize and participate in Mental Health Awareness Month 2022. 

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Kansas Adopts Full Practice Authority (FPA) for Nurse Practitioners

Kansas Adopts Full Practice Authority (FPA) for Nurse Practitioners

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  • Jenn

    Adam Tharkur is THE BEST hand down! He gets a million stars from me!!. He is extremely kind, understanding, caring and compassionate with his clients. He actually listens to you and helps! Which is rare in this profession! Not only does he truly care about his patients and their needs but he cares about the practice and how it is ran so that clients have a better experience. I have spoken with the CEO Bryan who is also amazing and going above and beyond for clients , as he spoke with me one on one to to solve an issue that came about! He told me about major changes that are coming to this company which will only make it better than it already is! Mariah at the front desk is an angel! The absolute perfect person to be working that position and helping clients, she is very professional, empathic and caring! I HIGHLY recommend this office and Adam for anyone needing REAL help!

  • Rene

    As someone with terrible anxiety and a schedule full of lectures and meetings, maintaining and scheduling appointments can be so incredibly difficult. That's why I am so amazed and appreciative of the assistance I get here. Scheduling an appointment, fixing prescriptions, and telehealth appointments are so easy. Response to inquiries is incredibly fast, even by email. My provider is nonjudgmental, straight forward, and listens well. Taking care of yourself is hard, but the people I've met here are very helpful and it makes it just that bit easier. Highly recommend. Shout out to Mark and Prudence.

  • Ashley

    Patricia has been absolutely amazing helping assist with all my needs and directing me to the doctors I have needed. Happy to be a patient of Golden Victory Medical. Ask for Patricia always!

  • Debbie

    The staff is great. Neurofeedback is working well in helping to alleviate my depression and anxiety symptoms.

  • Christine

    Cat has been a wonderful help to me for many years. She identified my weight gain as food allergies and assisted me in identifying my "trouble" foods and provided me with support and encouragement. I always depend on Cat and she has never disappointed me. I rely on her being there for me. Thank you!

    Arthur has responded most satisfactorily every time I have called for appointments and prescription refills. he is always respectful and seems to really care.

    Adriana is also always pleasant and very sweet and professional. She makes me feel special.

  • Justin

    I've been working with Golden Victory for over 8 months and even though I haven't even been there in person, I've had nothing but great experiences. The providers are top notch and the customer service is phenomenal. Patricia especially has gone above and beyond - I recently had an issue with my pharmacy and she helped me through every step of the process. This is a great option for anyone seeking virtual medical care.

  • Tyler

    Perfect for anyone looking for help the first time or ongoing. Always on time, to the point and willing to try different strategies to help me immediately and long term. Thanks Jermilla!

  • Jenice

    Cat is amazing and caring and I love Dr. Burt. He has been my PCP for 13 years. Overall all of the GVM staff are nice and service is always fast, good, and accurate. Would refer new patients looking for great service to GVM anytime. Cat and Dr. Burt will take care of you.